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3 Best Ski Resorts in Europe

Europe is overflowing with great ski resorts. In fact, such is the surplus, it was actually a challenge to limit this list to just four of them.

You can rest assured however that this list, this fruit of our labors, contains nothing but the very premium ski resorts in Europe.

Ski Resorts in Europe

We’ve tried to go for a mixture of various elements to determine the best resorts – typical snow condition, price, suitability for families, etc. We’ve also tried to find some of the less obvious resorts.

So, let’s get going with:

Borovets, Bulgaria – Best for Bargains

Tucked away in the Rila Mountain range in southern Bulgaria it’s probably one of Europe’s best-kept secrets when it comes to outstanding ski resorts.

Borovets has been a resort for over 120 years, and it used to be a favorite haunt of the Bulgarian nobility. These days however, the toffs have given way to the snowboarders, and Borovets has gained the reputation as one of the cheapest ski resorts in Europe – this recent piece in the Guardian mentions a week ski trip with hotel accommodation, transfers, ski passes and equipment rental as £450 per person – that is insanely good value!

Once here though this is certainly not a budget location in terms of snow quality or amount of runs. There are 24 runs in the resort, covering over 50 km of skiing routes, of which 9 are Blue (beginner), 10 are Red (intermediate) and 5 are Black (advanced) – which provides an excellent variety.

Romme Alpin, Sweden – Best for Late Season Snow

Skiing and winter will always be connected in most people’s minds. The simple reason of course – you need snow to ski, and there’s not much snow around in the summer.

Many people therefore look to book their skiing trips in December and January, when the weather is coldest, the show deepest and fondue is at its most warming! Whilst all those things are true of course (especially the fondue!) it can also mean that the slopes are extra crowded.

If you want a ski resort that is a little less busy, then think like a local and skip the busy season either side of Christmas and wait for early Spring.

Romme Alpin in Central Sweden has beautiful snowy runs for February, March and even on into April. It’s not the biggest resort, but it is very much of a hidden gem which, combined with the late season, can result in pleasantly unpopulated slopes.


Ski Val d’Isere, France – Best for Infrastructure

Of the four resorts that make up this list, Val d’Isere is, by a long way, the best known and the most popular.

Unlike the others however, it is that popularity that is one of its selling points. The fact that skiers will be here in numbers year in and year out has encouraged the investment in truly outstanding infrastructure.

78 lifts operate in this area giving access to over 300 km of magnificent runs, with an excellent selection of Blues, Reds and Blacks – no matter your level, you will simply not be able to enjoy every run and every route in only a week – hence why so many people return to this resort time and time again.

One recommendation could be to consider a full board hotel. The local amenities – bars, restaurants, etc, is still not quite at the same level of investment as the skiing infrastructure, so you’ll end up eating and drinking in hotels a lot of the time anyway. Cut out the middleman, go full board and save a bit of cash.

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