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5 Tips for Purchasing a Campervan in Australia

Some people who plan to travel extensively through Australia choose to purchase campervans instead of hiring them. By opting to purchase a campervan, people don’t have to worry about paying for hotels or buying their meals while on the road, and they also don’t have to be considerate about when and where to return it. If you’re thinking about buying a campervan, here are five tips to help you select a good one.


Avoid Private Sales

Although you can find campervans for a good price from individual owners, you are essentially buying a vehicle in “as is” condition. Most dealerships and campervan rental companies thoroughly examine their vehicles, repair major problems, and inspect them for safety before offering them for sale. Buying one of the campervans for sale in Brisbane from a rental company can help ensure you are getting a decent vehicle, instead of taking your chances with an untrustworthy private seller.

Examine Everything

Even though you may buy a campervan from a dealership or rental agency, you still need to thoroughly inspect it. The company will usually repair major issues with their vehicles, but by being cautious, you can save hundreds of dollars in the long run. Examine the engine for signs of oil leaks, test drive the vehicle, listen for unusual noises, inspect the tanks and plumbing inside for leaks, and make sure everything works before spending your money on a vehicle.

Learn About Maintenance

If you’ve never owned a campervan before, you should have the seller show you some basic maintenance techniques before you leave the lot. Have them show you how to empty the tanks (especially the waste tank), how to refill the water tank, how to change or refill the LPG tanks for the stove, and the easiest way to fold down tables and seats to form a bed (if you’re purchasing a smaller campervan). Make sure the vehicle comes with an owner’s manual, so you can look up more detailed information.

Ask About Warranties

If you purchase a late model vehicle from a dealership, find out if there is still a warranty on it. This could help you save thousands of dollars on future repair jobs. If the vehicle is still under a warranty and it is transferrable, you are essentially obtaining another layer of protection from expensive repairs. If the campervan is still under a warranty, ask where it will be honoured while you’re on the road.

Get Roadside Assistance

Getting a roadside assistance plan may come in very handy when you purchase a used campervan, especially if you’re a tourist who doesn’t know anyone in the country. Instead of being stuck on the side of the road hoping to find a nearby mechanic’s shop, you can contact the roadside assistance company and get the vehicle towed in for repairs. Some plans may also help you if the vehicle happens to run out of fuel.

By purchasing a campervan to begin your travels through Australia, you can save a significant amount of money. You won’t have to pay for hotels and you will be able to prepare fresh food at any time. When you’re ready to leave the country, you can sell it and get some of your money back.

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