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Don’t Rent a Car from the Airport


Travelling is one of the simple pleasures in life. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your friends and family, you should make plans as far in advance as possible. When you make arrangements before your journey, you know that things will already be taken care of and you won’t have to stress about when and where things will happen. For example, you probably make your hotel reservations long before you ever take a trip, because you don’t want to run the risk of a good hotel room being unavailable. Trying to find a hotel once you landed would just be another source of stress that you don’t need. However, people oftentimes subject themselves to this kind of stress when it comes to picking a rental vehicle.  carbuying_808151_600

Renting a Car

When people travel to Australia, many of them don’t make any kind of car rental arrangements beforehand. They assume that they’ll just rent a car from one of the kiosks at the airport. However, that’s a bad idea for several different reasons. When you’re at the airport without a vehicle, the only place you can get one is from the kiosks at the airport, so you are a captive audience member. That means they’re able to charge you as much as they want since you don’t really have any other options. Alternatively, if you rent your car from a different service in advance, you won’t be captive to the high prices of airport rentals. Firms that specialise in car rental in Australia can provide you with great opportunities to find a car for a great price.


When you rent your car from a firm that isn’t based at the airport, you are able to get a much better deal. They compete with many other firms so they have to keep their prices low, and they don’t have captive audiences the way the firms at the airport do.

Further Benefits

Furthermore, renting your car from a non-airport firm provides you with many other benefits. The real estate at the airport is very expensive. This raises the prices of airport car rentals, but it also reduces the amount of cars that each firm has available. Since each firm has to pay for the space to store their cars near the airport, they keep the inventory to a minimum to maximise their profits. Another firm that has parking elsewhere will be able to provide you with a greater choice. This means you’ll find a car that fits your needs much better.


Also, you can make an appointment with a firm that allows you to inform them when and where your flight will be landing. As soon as you touch down, your car will be waiting for you so you can circumvent the long lines and the convoluted process of renting and finding your car. Lastly, you’ll be able to customise your rented vehicle before you even land. That means you’ll be able to make requests for accommodations such as child car seats or a GPS navigation tool.

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