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Finding Campervans That Can’t Be Beat in San Francisco

There’s no doubt that San Francisco is one of the most beautiful, classy, and all-around amazing cities the United States has to offer. As an impeccable melting pot of multiculturalism and distinctiveness, San Fran is one of the modern day beacons of American prosperity and ingenuity alike. From the San Francisco Opera to the museums of modern art, from Chinatown to Silicon Valley, from Fisherman’s Wharf to the Golden Gate Bridge, and so much more, the City By the Bay seemingly has it all. Of course, having it all doesn’t come cheap, which is why there’s likewise no doubt that San Francisco is one of the most expensive places in North America as well. Having leapfrogged New York City itself as the most expensive major city in America today, anyone who isn’t a millionaire when travelling to the City By the Bay is going to want to save money in any way possible.


Here are a few ways by which you can enjoy a quality campervan rental in San Francisco without breaking the bank.

Airport Pickup

Whether you choose to visit San Francisco and Oakland, or if you wish to skip the big cities of the Bay Area entirely and take in the natural beauty of Northern California instead, you first need to get yourself to and from the airport, and that means hiring quality airport pickup services. The best rental services offer pickups that are quick, on demand, and that can take you to your hotel or other destination speedily and efficiently. What’s more, if you are indeed looking to rent a campervan, you can arrange it to be dropped off at the rental site, thereby saving you even more time in transit and giving you more time to enjoy your campervan and vacation.

Camping in a Campervan Within the Bay Area and Beyond

So, what kind of campervan do you need when camping out near San Fran and the Bay Area in general? It really does depend on the kinds of scenes you wish to take in. If you plan on living the classic, free, liberated San Francisco lifestyle, you want a campervan that’s as useful and fitting around a campfire in the woods as it is on the streets or at a music concert. That means finding a van that’s not only roomy enough to let you travel to and from such locales in comfort, but one that likewise handles easily and can move through traffic without any hassles.


Of course, if you plan on spending most of your time on the beach or in the woods, the importance of an outdoors-ready RV increases. What’s more, as a general rule of thumb, the longer your planned stay is, the larger an RV you’ll want. After all, an RV is like a home away from home while on the road. The longer you’re away from home—or even from your apartment room—the more you’re going to want the comforts of home, such as electricity, running water, a clean bathroom, cushy interiors, Wi-Fi adapters, and so on.

Take in the beauty of both the City By the Bay and the California redwoods alike with a great campervan today.

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