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Hire a Campervan for a Family Camping Trip

Taking your family camping can make for a great holiday because it gives you a chance to bond while enjoying some time outdoors. However, not everyone in your family is going to like the idea of sleeping on the ground, but buying camping equipment for one holiday may seem like a waste of money. A great way to camp without having to spend your nights on the ground with bugs and other vermin is to hire a campervan.


Finding the Right Fit

When you decide to hire a campervan for your holiday, you need to find one that will comfortably fit everyone in your party. Campervans are smaller than recreational vehicles (RVs) so they don’t have the same type of amenities. However, they do have places to sleep, a stove, a refrigerator, and a water tank so you will have the basic things you need for a successful camping trip.

Most campervans will fit from two to four people comfortably, so you can hire one for your family of four. However, if you have a larger family or if one of your children is bringing a friend, many of the companies that offer campervan rentals in Australia also rent larger motorhomes. If you have more than four people in your party, then you should look into renting a motorhome.

Wilderness or Park Camping

When you hire a campervan, you can either stay in campsites out in the wilderness or choose to stay in a caravan park in order to have other amenities close by. Most campervans will allow you to carry enough water for short stays out in the open so you can have a more authentic camping experience with your children. However, if you still want to spend some time in the outdoors but be able to shower or fill the water tank, then a caravan park is a good alternative to wilderness camping.


Caravan parks are located all over Australia, so if you want to take a holiday near the beach you can forego expensive hotel rooms or vacation rentals by hiring a campervan and staying in a caravan park. There are several that are located near or practically on the beach, so you can enjoy the surf during the day and camping at night.

Everything You Need

When you hire a campervan, you will have almost everything you need for a camping trip. You don’t have to cook over an open fire unless you want to do so because you have a stove on board in the campervan. You will also have a refrigerator, sink, running cold water, and you may have a TV with a DVD player on which to watch your favourite films. Along with the basic amenities, the campervan will also be supplied with crockery, bed linens, and cooking utensils.

All that you need to bring on your camping trip is food, your clothing, and any personal items that you feel you might need on holiday. A campervan will allow you to enjoy a camping trip without having to sleep outside on the hard ground.

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