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Planning for your next vacation!

Lying on a beach with a cocktail in hand and sand between your toes is the image we all get when thinking about a perfect vacation. Unfortunately, the toughest part of that very same vacation is PLANNING! Planning takes time, money, and patience. Luckily there are ways to make the planning process a breeze without spending a fortune on your next vacation.

Decide where to go. If you aren’t a natural planner, deciding where to go may be the toughest part. Take the time to narrow it down to a few choices. Creating a pro-con list for each destination will be helpful in choosing the perfect one.

Planning next vacation

Make travel plans. Scrolling through Groupon Travel Coupons is a great start! Groupon offers hundreds of coupons including hotels, airfare, and essential travel accessories. This step should include creating a budget and using those coupons you took the time to research. This is also the perfect time to purchase any additional tickets for events and attractions. Planning ahead will help avoid last minute price hikes.

Essential to do’s. Once you’ve confirmed a destination and purchased airline tickets, hotel, and tickets for events and attractions, it’s time to make sure you didn’t forget about your everyday obligations. Be sure to request time off of work, arrange for a friend to house or pet sit, and schedule payments on any bills due during your vacation time. Go through a typical week in your head and make sure you haven’t missed anything.

Vacation shopping. Make a list ahead of time of the things you will need for your upcoming vacation. This is especially important when you’re escaping the frozen tundra for the sun and beaches or vice versa. Malls and shopping stores may not have what you need, so be sure to arrange online shopping ahead of time incase you have to return or exchange any items. Vacation shopping may also include buying small thank you gifts for friends and family watching your house and/or taking care of your pets.

Planning is essential to having a relaxing and fun vacation experience. When you’re ready to plan your next trip be sure to use these helpful tips to save money and time and avoid any unwanted stress!

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