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Some of the Best Golfing in the World

Golf has been around in some form for hundreds of years. There are even suggestions that it has been around for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Romans. Some historians believe the Romans played a version of the game involving a leather ball and sticks. Whatever the case, it grew into the game it is today in the British Isles. The game of golf evolved first with links courses and then expanded into various courses that fit different terrains.


A links course includes gently undulating hills, sand traps, and usually a coastline. Some of the earliest golf courses were links courses because they fit the terrain and weather of the British coasts. For many people, a links course is still the best and most authentic way to play golf. If you want to get back to the original spirit of the game, you need to try a links course.

However, there are golf courses all over the world because the game is so adaptable. There are golf courses in places around the globe that might not be links courses but are just as fun. In fact, some golfers prefer the more modern courses. They sometimes have steeper hills, more sand traps, or different hazards. The style of play is different and the challenges are distinct. In truth, most golfers prefer variety. There is a country that is known for the variety of its golf courses: Australia.

Golfing in Australia

Australia has an incredible climate for golf. Due to the incredibly favourable conditions, golf tours in Australia give golfers a taste of many different kinds of courses. The coasts have links courses that borrow from the origins of the game. However, you can also find many different kinds of courses throughout the different states. There are courses that take advantage of the arid climate in certain areas, while in other areas the courses are practically subtropical. Australian golf courses have been praised the world over as some of the best golf courses in the world. Much of that is due to the weather in Australia that is very conducive to growing and maintaining a quality golf course.


Finding the Right Tour

Finding the right tour can be difficult. Australia is a large country and has dozens of golf courses. Many of its golf courses are ranked as some of the best in the world. You should decide what your priorities are before you decide on a tour. If your priorities are playing on certain golf courses, you should look for a tour that hits the golf courses you would like to play on. If you are more concerned with seeing certain cities or states, you should look for a tour that hits those places. Due to the large number of courses, there are many options for tours; you’re almost guaranteed to find one that fits many of your needs. You should book with a respected company that has a history of providing tours to its customers. You shouldn’t trust just anybody who claims to be a tour company. Look for one with a history and proven record.

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