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Where to Go for an Off-Road Caravan Adventure

Going off road can be a great way to see parts of Australia that few travellers get to enjoy. While most people who travel by caravan only see the sights of the countryside from paved highways, you can hire a caravan that will allow you to go off road and find a secluded area to enjoy with your family or friends. Here are some of the places you should consider going when heading out on a weekend trip.

Off-Road Caravan Adventure

Off-Road Adventures near Perth

While many people automatically think of the Outback for off-road trips, there are many places you can go closer to some of the large cities of Australia. Approximately 70 km north of Perth, you can take your off-road caravan to Wilbinga to experience the only place near the city where you can go beach driving. It is located between Two Rocks and Gilderton on Wanneroo road. Once you get there, you may find yourself all alone amongst the prettiest beaches in the area.

Off-Road Adventures near Perth

Lane Poole Reserve

Located about 126 km from Perth is the Lane Poole Reserve that covers about 54,000 hectares. While there are some hard-core off-road tracks for 4x4s, there are also some easier roads where you can take your caravan to find a secluded spot by the Murray River. There are several campsites in the area, including a caravan campsite where you can park and enjoy your own private bathroom facilities. You can choose to stay for the weekend or for much longer if you wish.

Lane Poole Reserve

Off-Roading near Melbourne

If you live near Melbourne, you will find several campsites accessible to four-wheel drive campers in Australia at Alpine National Park. The park is located approximately 250 km northwest of Melbourne and it is one of the largest national parks in Victoria at 646,000 hectares. There are activities for all seasons at the park, such as skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and hiking.


Wombat State Forest

If you want to spend the day away from the city, hire an off-road caravan and head about an hour out of Melbourne to Wombat State Forest. The off-road tracks there range from easy to extremely difficult, so you will find plenty of roads fit for a four wheel drive caravan. The 70,000-hectare area offers plenty of activities, including a vintage diesel train ride through the forest. There are plenty of places to hike once you get there, and you can spend the night in your caravan or go home to your own bed.

You don’t have to venture far from the city to enjoy an off-road adventure near your home. There are several places you can find off the main roads to enjoy some time alone with your spouse or with your entire family. Just go online and do some research to find areas where you can go after hiring an off-road caravan for a family holiday adventure or for a brief weekend trip to escape the busy city.

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